In addition to the conference, a number of exciting field trips, workshops and social events are on offer. Some are included in your registration while some are an additional cost. Please register during your conference registration to avoid missing out. 


If you are interested in attending the pre- or post-conference field trips, please book early through your registration as numbers are limited.

Pre-conference Field Trip
Lithospheric structures, orogenic fronts and mineral systems: a traverse through the south-eastern Gawler Craton
Wed 13th - Sun 17th November 2019

It has been recognised in a number of geological and geophysical data-sets that a major lithospheric discontinuity exists in the eastern Gawler Craton, interpreted to represent a paleo-suture between Mesoarchean and Neoarchean-Paleoproterozoic terranes. This structure coincides with the western limit of the Cornian Orogeny (c. 1850 Ma), the eastern limit of the Kimban Orogeny (c. 1740-1690 Ma), the c. 1590 Ma Olympic Cu-Au Province and the western limit of the Delamerian Orogeny (c. 517-490 Ma), bringing into question the potential timing of this structure versus the large-scale controls of lithospheric architecture on crustal deformation.

This field trip will depart Adelaide and traverse the Yorke Peninsula, southwestern Flinders Ranger and eastern Eyre Peninsula before arriving in Port Lincoln for the conference ice-breaker.


Highlights of the trip will include:

  • Coastal platforms of Paleoproterozoic sedimentary and igneous basement deformed during the Cornian and Kararan orogenies on Yorke Peninsula

  • Outcropping alteration related to the c. 1590 Ma IOCG mineralising event on Yorke peninsula

  • Outcrops of Archean and Paleoproterozoic igneous and sedimentary basement sequences deformed during the Kimban Orogeny on Eyre Peninsula

  • Deformed Neoproterozoic sequences of the Adelaide Fold Belt exposed in the southwestern Flinders Ranges.

Cost $890.

Registration includes transport, accommodation (shared motel and cabin rooms), breakfast and lunches (dinners are not included). 

Ice-breaker function

 Sunday 17th November at the Port Lincoln Yacht Club between 4-6pm.

Cost included in registration.

Mid-conference field trip

One day field trip on Wednesday 20th November. We will visit the spectacular local coastal outcrops of the Southern Gawler Craton. Cost included in registration but indication of attendance is required.

Conference Dinner and Awards

The conference and awards dinner will be held on Wednesday 20th of November at the stunning Line and Label Restaurant.

Cost $125 pp includes a drinks package featuring local beer and wines as well as a selection of canapes and a seafood paella, cooked and served by their award winning chefs and featuring all local produce.

Free half day workshop

The Loop consortium, founded as a OneGeology initiative, with geosurveys and Australian Research Council support, brings together geological surveys and research institutions in Australia, Canada, France, Germany and the UK to found a new Open Source initiative to build the next generation of 3D geological modelling tools.

The project aims to:

  1. integrate all available data in the modelling process,

  2. develop enabling technologies that will combine probabilistic modelling with structural concepts to produce 3D structural geological models (integration of geological rules in the modelling workflow), and

  3. assess and characterise uncertainty throughout the modelling workflow in order to optimise data acquisition for future maximised uncertainty reduction.


Loop is a new platform (proposed workflow shown in the following diagram) that will enable field geologists, researchers from academia and government organisations, explorers, resource modellers & managers to better define their 3D geological environment as well as assessing the requirement for optimised additional data/knowledge acquisition. The platform will be Open Source, scalable and applicable to problems from the mine-scale to the plate-scale, in data-rich and poor environment. It will serve to solve problems related to urban geology, basins resources exploration and exploitation as well as minerals and scientific exploration in poly-deformed metamorphosed terranes.


The Loop team will be running a workshop on the morning of Thursday 21st November at the Port Lincoln Yacht Club. This workshop is free to attendees of the ‘Convergence on the Coast’ Biennial Meeting of the SGTSG and SGSEG. The workshop will consist of:

  1. Model building and interpolation demonstrations including:

    1. Structural factory – modelling folds, faults and fault networks in structurally complex regions.

    2. Surfe/GemPy – Open source fast radial basis interpolation/Co-kriging for surface estimation from sparse data.

  2. Integrating structural geology with geophysics using probabilistic geological a priori models.

  3. Hands-on practical exercises drawing on the current loop case studies.

Post-conference Field Trip
Tectonics, magmatism and crustal growth in the southern Gawler Craton
Sat 23rd – Wed 27th November 2019


Cancelled due to lack of numbers 

Pepper and Salt Restaurant

Forest Hill Winery