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As part of this years Convergence on the Coast, the SGTSG proudly present a public lecture by emeritus Associate Professor Victor Gostin.
All are welcome to attend this free event at the Port Lincoln Hotel on Tuesday the 19th of November, starting at 7:30 pm.

What's it about

The geology of South Australia can tell stories of fluctuating sea levels, violent impacts from space and the rise of animal life on Earth, if you know where to look. From a time known as the Ediacaran Period, around 580 million years ago, until now, there is a secret history recorded in the rocks that geologists have been decoding. During that time a huge meteorite impact occurred when a 5 km diameter asteroid hit the Gawler Ranges, resulting in a crater 90 km across at Lake Acraman followed by significant environmental and evolutionary effects.


In this Ediacaran Period, much of south-east South Australia was underwater, slowly depositing sedimentary rocks, such as the Wonoka limestone. These limestones record a strange world-wide chemical anomaly associated with a major change in global oceanic circulation, possibly from changes in the Earth’s axial tilt. In this same ocean, animal life on Earth was evolving, now found as fossils in the rocks of the Flinders Ranges.


During the last million years sea levels and deformation of the Earth’s crust have affected the shape of South Australia’s coastline. Eyre Peninsula’s relative stability contrasts with the ongoing rise of the Mt Lofty Ranges, and the Mt Gambier region. This history, recorded in the geological and fossil record, tells us that events recorded in South Australian geology were globally important, but can also tell us how the South Australia we know today was formed.

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A bit about Vic
Vic has been researching, supervising and teaching geology and sedimentology at undergraduate and postgraduate levels since 1970. His scientific interests include the origins and evolution of the solar system and of life, meteorite impacts, earth history, environmental geoscience, and the effects of natural phenomena on the course of human history. Victor is a keen populariser of earth and planetary sciences to the community, and you may recognise him from him many appearances on local SA radio.