Half-day excursions (see King Island field trips) will be held on Tuesday 22nd, Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th in the morning with talks in the afternoon and the evening. This is subject to change, depending on tides etc.

The program will be available before the conference but we already have a great line up of presentations and speakers.


  • A mantle-source solution to the enigma of bimodal arc volcanism.

  • Alps-style Recumbent Isoclinal Macro-folds in Quartzite sequence, Frenchmans Cap, Tasmania

  • An inherited zircon perspective on the composition of the Selwyn Block: Testing the Tasmanian connection

  • Bending and segmentation of magmatic arcs

  • Bye-bye Benambran?: Reappraising the evidence for early Silurian deformation in Tasmania

  • Cambrian Recumbent macro-folds and Devonian thrusts, The Arthur Ranges, Southwest Tasmania

  • Chasing sandstones around the Lachlan Orocline

  • Devonian Shear Zones of King Island

  • Giant Cu porphyry mineralisation in the central Andes temporally and spatially associated with transient high strain events and high permeability zones

  • Hybrid ductile shear structures: the good, the bad, and the ugly

  • Overturning paradigms: Detailed field observations from the Himalayan Main Frontal Thrust and frontal foldbelt, Nepal

  • Sheath-like Fold nappes and bounding high-strain zones in the Central Tyennan of Tasmania

  • Slab segmentation generates anomalous volcanism and giant porphyry Cu deposits in Indonesia

  • The 1800-1700 Ma tectonism in Mt Isa Inlier - implication for the tectonic evolution of the North Australian Craton and supercontinent reconstructions

  • The Influence of Deep Structures on the Orientations of Shallow Features: a Central Victorian Example

  • Wide or narrow rifting in Proterozoic northeastern Australia – ¿Porque no los dos?

  • What goes down, must come up: Deformation and metasomatism of blueschists and eclogites in a subduction channel melange (Port Macquarie, Australia)


Confirmed presenters:

Dr Anindita Samsu

Dr Sheree Armistead

Dr  Jack Mulder

Grace Cumming

Alex Farrar

Dr Robert Scott

Dr Jacqueline Halpin

Dr David Moore

Dr Melanie Finch

Dr Ronald Berry

Jack Ward

Alanis Olesch-Byrne

Dr Michael Vicary

Dr John Everard

Dr Nick Direen

Dr Ioan Sanislav

Ross Cayley

Associate Professor Sebastien Meffre

Associate Professor Nathan Daczko

Professor Gideon Rosenbaum

Professor Peter Betts