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Introducing our invited speakers

Multi-scale structures and fluid-rock interaction - Emeritus Prof. Stephen Cox

‘Quantifying volumetric fluid flow rates in fault-controlled hydrothermal systems: insights from contemporary and exhumed seismogenic hydrothermal systems’

Tectonic controls on mineral systems - Dr Louise Corriveau

'IOCG and affiliated deposits in tectonically active regions: Impact on deposit types and structural attributes of ore systems’


Observational geophysics - Assoc. Prof. Meghan Miller

‘Seismic imaging of the upper mantle structure beneath the western Mediterranean: influence of mantle flow on continental deformation’


Geodynamics and thermodynamics - Dr Elena Sizova

'What can we learn from numerical experiments about continental collision during the Phanerozoic and Precambrian Eons?’


Domes, basins and dynamic topography - Dr Mark Hoggard

‘Source to Sink: The Impacts of Mantle Convection on Sediment Routing Systems’


The Australia-Antarctic connection - Dr Naomi Tucker

‘Australian crust under ice: what the Bunger Hills tell us about the Proterozoic assembly of Australia’


Experimental studies of rocks and structure - Kathryn Hayward

'Using experiments to understand dynamic earthquake processes’


Plate margin and intra-plate orogenesis - Prof. Gianreto Manatschal

‘The role of inheritance in forming and reactivating rifted margins and building collisional orogens’


Purpose and ethos of conference

This year the Specialist Group in Tectonics and Structural Geology is joining forces with the Specialist Group in Solid Earth Geophysics to bring you 'Convergence on the Coast'. We aim to bring together the research community in structural geology, tectonics and solid earth geophysics within Australia and internationally to discuss the latest research and developments in these fields. The primary focus of this technical conference is to enable collaboration and exchange of ideas between the geoscience research, government and industry communities. 

We plan to maintain the relaxed, informal atmosphere of previous SGTSG conferences, and strongly encourage student attendance and presentations. The conference includes pre-, mid-, and post-conference field trips to see some spectacular local geology, as well as other networking events including the biennial SGTSG dinner and awards night.


We hope that the conference will provide a nurturing networking experience for all attendees and look forward to seeing you in beautiful Port Lincoln in November 2019.

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