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Student bursaries

We are offering a small number of highly subsidised student packages. Student members of SGTSG pays $200 and the conference will sponsor the rest. This covers “Let us take care of everything” package with shared accommodation.

10 $500, plus QLD division to sponsor travel for QLD students. Other states 

To apply please submit the following by 7th of November:

1.    Record a three minute thesis style video on your research (max. 3 minutes)

2.    Name the video with “your name.mp4” (i.e. use mp4 format)

3.    Upload your video to this site

4.    Email

a.     your name

b.     the degree towards which you are studying

c.      the start and expected end dates for your studies

d.     the name of the institution where you are enrolled

e.     the contact details of one of your supervisors who is willing to act as a referee

f.       evidence for your membership of the GSA and SGTSG (click on your name at the top of the page after signing in to the GSA website and screenshot the “about me” page). See below for instructions on joining the society and group.


The subsidised student packages will be awarded to the best <3 minute presentations using the following criteria:

  • shows understanding of structural geology and tectonics

  • follows a clear and logical sequence

  • communicates in language appropriate to a non-specialist audience

  • spends adequate time on each element of their presentation

  • the topic of the presentation is novel and/or challenging

  • conveys enthusiasm for structural geology and tectonics

  • captures and maintains audience's attention

  • preference will be given to students who have submitted an abstract for a talk or poster presentation at the conference.


The package includes flights ex-Melbourne or Hobart on the STGSG pre-booked flights, shared accommodation, transport on KI, conference dinner and icebreaker dinner and drinks.

Students must be willing to:

  • have their pre-recorded <3 min talks shared on GSA social media and presented at the conference.

  • chair a session, and volunteer to help run the conference on the Island.


Note: join the GSA here ($25) or if you are already a member but just need to join the SGTSG sign in to the GSA, then go to “cart” at the top of the page then “continue shopping” search for SGTSG and join ($10).

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