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Pre-conference field trip: Critical metals, magmatism and super eruptions
Leader: Paul Ashley
2 nights and 3 days ($470)
Start Armidale 08:00, Friday 15 November 2024

Finish at Armidale 16:00, Sunday 17 Novemeber 2024

The field trip will start with visits to ultramafic to mafic outcrops of the great Serpentinite Belt hosted in the Peel Manning Fault System. The ophiolite sequences have Cambrian to Permian ages and include excellent exposures of serpentinite, dunite, wehrlite, gabbro and dolerite. The trip will extend to key exposures of prodigious late Permian magmatism, vulcanism and related mineralisation in the New England region.

The itinerary will include visits to ignimbrites and lavas deposited within Late Permian calderas of the Emmaville–Inverell–Ashford area. These sheets of ignimbrites are the remnants of eroded super-eruptions that immediately precede the end Permian mass extinction. The sheets additionally host polymetallic (Sn-W-Mo-As-F) deposits associated to the intrusion of Permian–Triassic leucogranites including at Tingha-Gilgai, Emmaville, and the Mole.

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