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Empower students at SGTSG

Promote Equality – Create Lasting Impact – Maximise Brand Exposure

Connect with Future Talent – Interact – Recruit


The SGTSG student advisory group for the Geological Society of Australia – Specialist Group in Tectonics and Structural Geology (SGTSG) aims to increase student and early career geoscientist participation at the biennial SGTSG conferences to >50. We are working on gaining sponsorship to help students attend the November 2024 conference.

Financial assistance is sought to subsidise student participation in the conference, field trips and workshops.
A value proposition flyer to sponsors is available, including branding and engagement with potential graduate employees. Sponsors are also encouraged to send an early career geoscientist employee to present at the conference and engage with the students at industry workshops and networking events. We are open to tailoring sponsorship packages if requested.
SGTSG student advisory group
Alanis Olesch-Byrne (James Cook Univ.)

Jeremy Asimus (Univ. of Tasmania)

Aditi Chatterjee (Macquarie Univ.)

Thanks to our generous sponsors:

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