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Pre-conference field trip Friday 15 – Sunday 17 November, 2024

Icebreaker function Sunday 17 November 5–8pm is included in registration

Conference dinner Wednesday 20 November at Petersons Winery (map)


Session themes Monday 18, Tuesday 19, Thursday 20, Friday 21 November

  1. Convergent margins and collisional tectonics 

  2. Critical metals, magmatism and super eruptions 

  3. Mantle geodynamics, geochemistry and volcanism 

  4. Ophiolites

  5. Microtectonics, rheology & structural petrology 

  6. Geodynamic modelling (numerical and analogue) 

  7. Petrochronology

  8. Proterozoic sedimentary basins 

  9. Tectonics: early earth, active plate boundaries, planetary 

  10. Deformation-assisted fluid-rock interaction

  11. Other

Scientific talks: session formats

1 x Keynote (20+5 min)

2 x Invited (10 min each)

1 x Student (10 min)

All speakers form panel for discussion and Q&A (15 min)


2 x Invited (10 min each)

2 x Student (10 min each)

2 x Other speakers

Speakers form panel for discussion and Q&A (15 min)


11 x PechaKucha (pre-recorded)

Japanese for “chit chat”, each presentation is 20 slides, auto-advancing after 20 seconds. It’s non-stop and you've got 400 seconds to tell your story.

Speakers form panel for discussion and Q&A (15 min)

Posters: session format

Catered evening session with poster presenters by their posters (2 hr)

Posters will remain available for review and discussion throughout the week

Download the program (link to come)

Download the abstract volume (link to come)

Post-conference field trip Saturday 23 – Monday 24 November


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